First Presbyterian’s Service Procession

This is how the first Presbyterian church hold the service in every mass. Believe it or not, the First Presbyterian Church holds a service just like how the Roman Catholics hold their services. However, the modern Presbyterian Church is a little different. Someone has to light the candles and prepare the bread and wine that would be offered later.

The Priest has to hold the service by being served. He will enter with the cross in front of him and then he will begin to hold the ceremony.  People will song songs and the priest will have to stand on the altar with the cross. He officially begins it with a prayer and then he goes to sit. After that, there will be reading of the Bible as part of the sermon. The readings are just additional information but after the readings, the pries will deliver his sermon which is different from the reading.

After delivering his sermon for about 30-45 minutes, he comes to lift up his hands to for the bread and wine. After praying for the bread and wine, he comes to stand in front of the altar and give people bread and wine for them to eat and drink. After this, the priest will end the service by giving some words to the people for the people to think of. He finishes the service by prayer and close it with the aid of the cross. The cross will not disappear every time they worship they worship for this is a symbol of the church.