The website usage of the ministry and reasons why you need a website

Any entity that exists in this world whether they had been existing for many years and already had an established reputation in the field or industry that they are in should adapt to the changes. As time pass by we can see a business that closed because they were not able to meet the current demand of the market. Their product is not wanted anymore. This result is not wanted and so adapting to change is very important. This time let’s look in the case of churches.

In the above infographic, You can be able to see many things about the website of a church. You can see that it benefits the church when it has its own website but to fully use it and benefit from it you should also know some of the concerns about it. One of it is that it is better you posts on or before Monday as many check your website on this day rather than Saturday. You can also see that social media has a strong effect on your website recognition and use.

In the second infographic, you can be able to see the need to have your own website even if you are a church. The church management nowadays is also becoming more advanced as it uses the help of the internet to manage its activities. It is really needed for a big church but the small ones may have difficulty maintaining and building one for their church that is great and working well.

The church management software and how it can benefit the church’s growth

There is a new way to attract and engage newcomers and visitors so that they could be able to become members of a church. This is the new product in the market that is the result of technology and internet. in this times many businesses have their own software and applications to manage their business and organization in every way to achieve the most out of everything. In the case of the church, it is also catching up with the use of technology and internet.

The evidence is the software that is being introduced in the infographic above. It is illustrated so that you can be able to understand how it works. It is a way for managing the day to day activities and it can help in a big way to be able to monitor and see what could be done so that a newcomer could be able to know the church and have the interests to be involved. As a newcomer, it is somewhat awkward to be engaged.

But in the software, it is no longer a barrier because it first approaches using the system and then it would be connected so that the newcomer can be able to join a group and be introduced. from that time on he can be able to feel relaxed and becomes more active in the activities. With the help of the software, you can tract his activities and guide him to the system of the church that is being followed.

The mission of discipleship: Its influence and impact to the Christians

In the times today, you can be able to see many Christians and other religions that are very active to share their belief and what they had understood. Even if there are many people who claim to be a Christian but they do not know and understand many things about their faith. They then can be a good subject of preaching or sharing the words of God. The mission lies with those who have faith and believe and depend on the most Holy God.

You can read that many Christians still hesitate to preach or share what they believe in and what does the bible taught about. There are those who are boldly preaching and you can easily recognize them through their items of clothing and way of preaching. As many of the Christian said in the infographic that they also want to share and they feel the responsibility that they should do it themselves. You would be surprised at the confidence that you could get when you are preaching and can encounter different peoples.

You can also see the part where there is a space for prayer, share, and invite. It talks about the topics related to it. Many people pray every day for the soul of their loved ones and someone they know. They also have the very low level of sharing about their faith in the social media. Also, there had been a very very low percentage of people who had invited someone in class but did not.

The pastor and the church: Exposing the basis of the members faith

In our life of faith, we can encounter many things. We may attend the church that our parents have attended before and we just follow them understanding and knowing that they are your parents and you should follow them. But others who are given freedom to choose what they want, they attend many churches and try to find for themselves where is the church that they would belong to. Then what would be the basis for one person to choose a church? The pastor or by faith?

In the above infographic, you can be able to understand about the pastor of the church and many facts or trivia that are written above. You can understand about their salary and have an idea on how much the pastor in your church earns. In the infographic, they presented the relationship of the pastor and the Bible reading or studying. Many pastors have agreed that they just read the bible when they will prepare a sermon or will preach or will teach a certain lesson.

You can also find the profile of a pastor. There is a requirement to become a pastor and if you had attained you can be able to be installed. You can read that there are those who regularly attend the worship services and others just go to the church once a month or others on their special day only. It shows what is the status of the faith of the members. Others even join because of the pastor only.

The process of selecting and installing a new pastor in the church

Matters that are done in a big church is what is done in a business. They have their own set of people who are given the authority to select someone they thought that is worthy and install him or appoint him as the new pastor. For the business, they usually appoint a CEO or manager but in the church, it is the pastor who will lead a congregation or a church. In this article let us know what is the process it takes to become a pastor.

This is an infographic that came from the Presbyterian church named St. Andrew’s. They follow the steps provided so they can be able to choose a new pastor. In some churches, they are being rotated also and they receive their salary in accordance with the number of the members in one church. If they are small then salary is also like that. Female can lead a church as long as she became also a pastor and they are assigned also to churches.

They could not be chosen without the approval of the committee involved. It is not easy to undergo the process because it is a long one and the steps take twelve in numbers including the time of installation of the new pastor. It is like voting also for the leader of an organization but it is official and is a formal one that it requires following the procedure in accordance with the directives or process that was given.

The 5 major protestant churches and their own history and time of establishment

There are many Protestant churches that had been established as the years go by. Protestant is the second who had the highest number of followers after the great Babylon the mother of all the churches. If you will see there are many churches in the world and each of them claims that their doctrine and belief is the truth. They do not understand how important it is to follow all the commands of God and so they just follow and copy what their parent does.

You can see in the infographic the data that was presented about the major denominations of the Christian faith as they claim. You can know who is the number one and others who appear in the ranking. After that, you will be able to see the five major classifications of the Protestant church. Even if protestant had separated from the Catholic church its mother, they had carried with them the culture and practices of their origin. They just omitted some teachings and say that their teachings are the correct one.

With just one church the protestant church has branched out also in many kinds or denominations of the church. You can be able to read the origin and how it happened. Also when it was established and some facts and explanations about each of them. they also put some of their doctrines for better understanding. But still, one question remains at the end. Only one church was established by Jesus. Where is it now?


The 30 creative and proven ideas you can do for a outreach activity

One of the activities of the church that has been in practice for many years is doing an outreach activity. Because they believe that the church should be the source of all goodness and so many people assume that a church should feed the hungry and should help others. That is why you can be able to see and listen or watch churches doing some volunteer activities. As they can be challenging to organized at times especially if many participants. Let us see the guide provided for the 30 ideas.

You can see that it is better to start the outreach program within a community so that they could be united and be able to know more each other and have unity. It is also easier when you will first do a volunteer activity that is done in a community. The area is near in coverage and you will know whom you had shared much in your life events and happenings. Per area or per community also has the advantage.

You can be able to see the list provided in the infographic.  You can just choose what do you want to apply and what you see as most suitable for each community. You can be able to have even five ideas that you will apply is enough. As outreach should not just be done one time but should be continuous then you can be able to do one activity at a time so that you will not run out of an idea.

The traditional and new way of growing the congregation of the church

In this article let take a look on how the congregation of the church grows through the years. In this article, we will look at the traditional approach and the new way or contemporary way of helping the congregation grow. Every church has its own way to grow the number of the believers and members. They can also expand in one country to another then grow to become large in numbers. In today’s scene let us take a look how presbyterian churches grow theirs.

You can see and read in the first part of the infographic the new way of letting the congregation of the church grow. They now focus on building relationships as they believe it is the key to grow the congregation and the next way is to worship. It is opposite to the traditional way that focuses on believing that worship is the key for a high number of the congregation and the second is building a good relationship. The conclusion is not included on who produces more number of attendees.

In the new way of growing the number, they believe that Bible study should have the more important than any other way to evangelize. Next are a small group and the three others. They also have the top four ways to do outreach activities that include providing food and shelter, ecumenical activities, education, and justice. In the traditional way, the approach to evangelism is by doing local mission work. Community service and invitation of members to nonmembers have the same ranking.

Church and the Use of the Bible

The church is a place to worship God. Since the Old Testament times, God continually send his prophets to warn his people. The prophets were given the opportunity to hear God’s voice. So, as they were given that mission, they are truly blessed if they carry it out faithfully. Nowadays, we are being warned by God through the use of the Bible. When you read the Bible, you can actually see a lot of warnings and teachings from God. Also, it is being used by different churches to teach God’s word.

The Importance of Bible in the Church. Some churches doesn’t use the Bible during worship. Others even say that it is only the Church pastor, priest, or minister who have the right to hold or read the Bible during worship. It’s a ridiculous thinking! The Bible is very important. It is a book that God gave to us as our guide in knowing His teachings or law. To understand it better, all of us must study the Bible very diligently until the morning star rises in our hearts.

The Church without the Bible. In the age of the Son, Jesus always gave his teachings through the Scriptures or the Bible. He also used it to rebuke the teachers of the law who claim to believe in God. Our God Himself set us the example of using the Bible whether during worship or when teaching someone. So, without the use of the Bible in the Church, it cannot be said that it is a church. Why? Simply because they are not following the examples of Jesus.

The Bible as a Tool to have Good Morals

A lot of people read the Bible. They believe that their life can be at peace when they learn from the teachings of the Bible. In fact, Jesus and his apostles made use of the Bible for teaching and educating people. So, if you want to live in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, why not? Prove that you are a real Christian who follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Nowadays, numerous crimes are happening everyday, anytime, and everywhere. Why? It is all because people all over the world are becoming corrupt and the fear of God is disappearing. It is a very sad fact.

In other words, the morality of people is disappearing. Since they don’t believe the Bible, they don’t give time to listen to it or even read just a single phrase. People are engaging in sexual immorality which is against God’s word. They don’t hesitate to commit heinous crimes. Everything bad happens because of the absence if God in their lives.

In other words, they don’t want God to rule them. That is why day by day, we hear all kinds of crimes taking place. The Bible which is God’s word is a very important tool to maintain a happy and peaceful life. We can endure present sufferings through the teachings of the Bible. We can love even our neighbors, serve other people, maintain our good morals and always practice right conduct with the help of the Bible.So, without the Bible, people can easily commit detestable acts against God and against other people. The Bible is a good source of good teachings from God.