The Elders of Session are elected to a 3-year term.  Current Elders are:


Class of 2017

Keith Aljets
John Engel
Melissa Gross
Grayson Jones

Class of 2018
Doug Blythe
Doug Boland
Stacey Cremeens
Dan Schropp
Class of 2019
Wendy Jones
Vicki Sondag
                                                                              Clerk of Session

Melissa Gross


The Deacons are elected to a 3-year term. Current Deacons are:


Class of 2017

Kim Daniel-Rampersad
Denise Hartnett
Marty Koch
Ruth Van Heukelom

 Class of 2018

Louise Aljets

Betheen Groepper
Kim Tanke

Class of 2019
Sandy Lynch

Rhonda Phillips
Brenda Schropp
Heather Subbert

Moderator of the Deacons

Marty Koch



Angel Ministry

Click here for information about the special assistance programs offered by the Deacons.