Presbyterian Church History

Presbyterian church is a protestant church that arose in 16th century with the aid of John Calvin. John Calvin is one of the Roman Catholic member but with differences of the teaching of the Roman Catholic, he also came to a theological that made him think of how he can establish a church that must follow only the teachings of God.

At the same time after the Dark Ages, many religious reformers came to establish their own teachings and one of them John Calvin. He is the one who raised the Presbyterian Church and made the church grow. The members came to invite people to the church and as a result, many people are have known this church. The church was first established in Scotland in the 16th century but is now spread to few cities in the world.

With regards to the doctrines that they are following, there is no something special since the original Presbyterian church follows the some of the Catholic ways but they just omit the worship of the Virgin Mary. Hence, they still use the cross like other churches do. What is emphasized in this church is that people have to study and read the Bible as many as possible, which is true to Christians.

The main point is that there should be people who would have to evangelize people not knowing about the doctrines of the church. They also come to teach people that they are suppose to receive learning from God many it be physical and spiritual.